Moby-Dick Questions Chapters 19-25 : Describe Elijah and explain the significance of his name

1.Describe Elijah and explain the significance of his name.

2. What nickname does he have for Ahab?

3. What vague references does he make to events in Ahab’s past?

4. What effect did Elijah have on Ishmael?

5. Why is Aunt Charity aptly named?

6. Is Ishmael able to find the shadowy figures he saw board the boat?

7. In Queequeg’s land, with what do the wealthier people “furnish” their houses?

8. What is the Pequod’s day of departure?

9. What are the sailors singing about while Bildad sings his “dismal stave of psalmody?”

10. Who piloted the ship out of the harbor?

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