Moby-Dick Questions Chs. 133-135: Who is the first to spot Moby Dick

Who is the first to spot Moby Dick and win the doubloon?  In what way is this ironic or appropriate?  What is the difference between the way Ahab reads the omens and the way everyone else reads them?  What is the symbolic significance of three days’ of a chase?  What is Starbuck’s final appeal to Ahab and God on p. 611 [418]?  How does Ahab respond?  How do Fedallah’s first two prophecies come true?  What is Ahab’s response?  How do Starbuck, Stubb, and Flask meet their fates, and how is this in character for each?  How does Ishmael characterize Moby Dick here?  How does Fedallah’s third prophecy come true?  How does the narrator describe Ahab meeting his fate?  How, in the last moment of Ahab’s life, is Fedallah’s fourth prophecy realized?  What is the last image of the book before the epilogue?  What symbolic significance do you give to the sky-hawk, the “bird of heaven”?

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